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Every decision you make in the back of your ambulance impacts the health of the patient in your care. By offering a full suite of innovative solutions and tools right at your fingertips, EHS (EMS Healthcare Solutions) helps paramedics make the right one in the heat of the moment – and better document that care in the hours to come.

At EHS, we understand the challenges EMTs and Paramedics face in the field each day because we’ve been in your shoes. Our sales, customer service and product management teams are comprised of former and current Paramedics who know that while patient care is always your first priority, concerns about liability and insurance claims add an extra level of stress to an already demanding job. That’s why every product we develop and distribute, including NarrativePRO, RightDose and Telemedicine, is built to reduce the concerns that come with every call.

Innovative tools that work together for you

One of the most significant long-term challenges facing EMS agencies has always been the improper documentation of patient care, leading to millions of dollars in lost reimbursements from Medicare and private insurance.

In 2014, two leaders in the communications equipment and software industries partnered to launch an innovative tool that allowed EMTs and Paramedics to write detailed, organized and logical patient narratives in just minutes. From the moment NarrativePRO narrative writing software landed in their hands, Paramedics were relieved to see their administrative work cut, and their agencies were thrilled to see an immediate spike in claim approvals.

But just as beneficial as the tool itself was the company behind it. Pro Software Solutions 2, now known as EHS, quickly gained a reputation in the industry for our dedication to customer satisfaction by providing one-on-one responses to any question and giving clients like you a voice in the development of product updates and enhancements.

Today, we bring that same combination of innovation and customer care to our growing line of solutions. In 2017, EHS added the RightDose Drug Dosing Guide, a print guide and mobile app that allows EMTs and Paramedics to pre-calculate medication dosages based on weight and reduce adverse reactions, which is especially critical in a pediatric setting.

A new approach to care in the field

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, so does EHS. We’re currently developing a Bluetooth- and video-based telemedicine solution that will help Paramedics and healthcare providers work as a team, diagnosing and treating less critical cases at home instead of in the emergency room. Through intuitive technology, doctors can talk to the patients, analyze their vitals and instruct EMTs and Paramedics on the next steps, helping to free up the patient congestion that has taken over hospital ERs.

No matter what EHS introduces to the market moving forward, from software to hardware to equipment, our goal is to help you and everyone on your team be more efficient, more productive and save more lives.

Meet the Team

EMS Healthcare Solutions' team is staffed by individuals who know the challenges of making split-second decisions both in the field and out. Their first-hand knowledge of critical patient care makes EHS better qualified to provide the most innovative tools for your organization.

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Product Manager - NarrativePRO

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