Lifting patients is the most injury-prone task a prehospital provider will perform on a typical shift. The Binder Lift will help you change this by attaching up to 25 handles to the patient’s torso, so providers can safely lift any size patient with ease.

It is impossible for crews to effectively team lift with proper ergonomics when following outdated and improvised lifting techniques involving a sheet, blanket, or transfer-tarp. When lifting with the Binder Lift crews can avoid lifting related injuries and have longer healthier careers.

We’ve helped thousands of providers tap into their full lifting potential by giving them handles to lift with, and would love to help your department as well. We’ll send you a couple Binder Lifts for your team to use and evaluate in the field for FREE. It won’t cost you a cent and to you simply need to fill out the form below to request your free trial. We look forward to providing you the right tool for the job, so you can provide the best care for your patients while making your job easier at the same time.

Watch a short video of Binder Lift or contact us to acquire more information.