EMS Healthcare Solutions Recognized by AmbulanceToday

ST. LOUIS, MO. (Sept. 25, 2018) – With its RightDose™ Drug Dosing Guide and NarrativePRO narrative writing software tool, EMS Healthcare Solutions (EHS) has become the technology go-to for EMS agencies across the U.S. Now, the company has taken its spot on a global stage with a cover story in AmbulanceToday magazine, which highlights its pioneering solutions for improving both patient care and the bottom line.

Based in the United Kingdom, AmbulanceToday is the world’s leading EMS magazine, partnering with associations around the globe and reaching 700,000 subscribers each quarter. Its Autumn 2018 issue is a special edition one, bringing attention to those companies focused on prehospital clinical innovations, including EHS. In the feature story, “Focus on EMS Healthcare Solutions,” AmbulanceToday showcases how EHS is delivering cutting-edge, yet cost-effective, custom solutions for providers of every size striving to strengthen patient outcomes, mitigate risk and increase financial reimbursements.

Through the article, readers are introduced to EHS’ RightDose guide, which precalculates medication dosages based on weight, and can hear a first-hand account from Tennessee Emergency Medical Services for Children on how the app has reduced the potential for human error in the field. In addition, the piece explains how the industry-leading NarrativePRO software lets EMTs and paramedics create detailed patient narratives to eliminate claim denials.

“We are honored to be recognized by AmbulanceToday alongside some of the most innovative companies in the industry,” said Ron Kramer, general manager for EHS. “As many of our team members are EMTs and paramedics themselves, we understand the challenges EMS agencies face each and every day. That’s why we’re continually introducing new products to the market that help them maximize patient outcomes, even in the most chaotic of situations.”

Readers can check out the entire EHS article in the August 2018 issue, available for download on the AmbulanceToday website at www.ambulancetoday.com.

About EMS Healthcare Solutions: EMS Healthcare Solutions (EHS) is a leading provider of software and solutions for emergency medical services (EMS) agencies, helping to streamline processes and improve patient care in the field. Its suite of products, including NarrativePRO™ narrative writing software, the RightDose™ Drug Dosing guide, and VoluTape ventilator reference guide, are specifically designed to reduce the risk of human error that can affect patient outcomes. To learn more, visit www.emshealthcaresolutions.com.