FAQ’s on EHS and Our Emergency Medical Products

  1. Where did the name EHS come from?

Our sales and service force is made up of EMT’s and Paramedics who’ve worked for years in emergency services and are using their own experiences to help their fellow lifesavers in the field. We named our new parent company EHS to honor the dedication of our team members and the incredible clients they serve.

Plus, as opposed to sticking with the NarrativePRO company name, EHS better reflects our diverse line of tools – tools that can stand on their own or be combined into a custom package for a complete EMS solution.

  1. Why is NarrativePRO now under the EHS brand?

For years, NarrativePRO narrative writing software has been the go-to for EMS agencies striving to reduce claim denials and increase revenue.

As EMT’s and Paramedics ourselves, we knew we could take this industry-leading solution to the next step with a full suite of EMT equipment and technology geared to our customers’ needs. So, in 2017 we began offering the RightDose™ Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide, and one year later, starting distributing the VoluTape ventilator settings tool.

We launched EMS Healthcare Solutions (EHS) as an umbrella brand for our growing lineup of products and services.  While the name might be new, you’ll still enjoy the same level of superior customer service you’ve come to expect from your NarrativePRO team – we’re just now offering more options to help you do your job as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible!

  1. Why did we choose the products we offer?

    At EHS, our customers always come first – we listen closely to them and select our products based on their challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing industry. While we started with narrative writing software, that one product quickly evolved into many in order to streamline processes across the board for EMS agencies, especially in regards to patient care.With lifesaving tools like RightDose and VoluTape and new collaborative technology like our soon-to-be-launched Telemedicine solution, it’s only the beginning of what we plan to roll out in the future to make a demanding job easier on you.


  1. What are the features of our products? 

    Our product features can meet even the most chaotic of situations because they’re designed for EMT’s by EMT’s! Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from our emergency medical products:

  • NarrativePRO – Eliminate common documentation errors that lead to claim denials with our easy step-by-step narrative writing software. Plus, NarrativePRO improves QA processes and lowers your risk of liability.
  • RightDose – Fully customizable to your agency, the RightDose guide and app let you calculate proper drug dosages by weight in seconds, reducing the risk of deadly medication errors.
  • VoluTape – our heel-to-crown measurement tool and reference guide helps you determine the ideal mechanical ventilator settings for any patient in any critical care setting.
  • Telemedicine – EHS’ latest high-tech venture will allow you to collaborate with a patient’s medical team through videoconferencing and share vitals with Bluetooth-enabled equipment.

To learn more about any of our solutions, visit our product pages or contact our sales team for your free demo.

Do you have statistical data to back up your product claims?

Yes! Many of our products have been proven in extreme emergency settings and are recognized by leading EMS agencies and organizations.

For example, a study performed by Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc. found that among 180 paramedics in 80 emergency simulations, the overall dosage error rate was 42.5% when participants used a manual Broselow LBP method compared to 15% for the RightDose guide and app. In a follow-up study, the rate dropped to just 4.3%!

In addition, preliminary findings from an audit of NarrativePRO by Page Wolfberg & Wirth, LCC, the preeminent law firm for EMS agencies, showed that the software significantly improved the Medicaid/Medicare claim process.

As current products are updated and new ones introduced, we’ll continue to study results to ensure they meet the needs of our clients.

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