How EMT’s Can Better Respond to Breathing Emergencies This Flu Season

If this flu season is anything like those of the past few years, the impact on the health of Americans – especially those with chronic respiratory issues – will be significant. According to the CDC, up to 56,000 people lost their lives to the flu last season, and thousands more ended up in the ambulance on the way to the ER.

As an EMT, you’re often the first line of defense against the flu in an emergency. Therefore, having the right tools on hand to both diagnose and treat flu symptoms can help protect the health of even your littlest patients. Thankfully, with the RightDose™ medication dosing guide from Emergency Healthcare Services (EHS) and our soon-to-be released Telemedicine solution, enhanced care is just a click away.

Preparing your team to take on the flu

The flu can be brutal on patients of any age, but for children under age five, the elderly, or those with a heart or lung condition, weakened immune system, or blood or endocrine disorder, it can be devastating. Unfortunately, many people never get the flu vaccine or get the vaccine too late in the season. Within hours a healthy individual can quickly be overrun with flu symptoms, and for some with underlying health issues, the lack of oxygen can lead to life-threatening breathing difficulties.

In the back of your ambulance, you may administer medications like epinephrine or prednisone to decrease the inflammation in the one’s airway and improve their breathing. However, too much and you can increase your patient’s blood pressure and the risk of deadly heart conditions.

Thankfully, RightDose eliminates the risk of miscalculations in the midst of chaos. By accessing The RightDose Pediatric Drug Dosing Guide book or app, you can quickly determine the proper dosage by the patient’s weight without complicated calculations or user errors. The product has proven to be so dependable that the State of Tennessee has made it required for all ambulance companies to better protect its young residents throughout the flu season.

In addition, EHS will soon launch Telemedicine, an interactive resource that will allow you to communicate with the patient’s healthcare provider or ER doctor in real-time through your phone, computer or tablet while on an emergency call. With Bluetooth-enabled diagnostic tools, you can work with their healthcare team to determine if treatment can be provided at home or if transport to the ER is necessary.

With the flu season just around the corner, there’s no time like now to prepare your team for the outbreak. You’re invited to try the RightDose guide for free for 30 days to see the benefits of this cutting-edge tool for yourself. To learn more or to talk with a representative, contact EHS for your free consultation.

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