EHS in partnership with iPCR allows providers to complete their NEMSIS data and Narrative too using NarrativePRO by EHS.

In the field – when seconds count, and focus on the needs of your patient is a must – you need a resource that makes patient care reporting simple, accurate, and effective. iPCR is Electronic Patient Care Reporting that is designed to work the way you do, and to operate on the modern device everyone knows so well. PCRs must be complete, accurate, and fast to create. iPCR with NarrativePRO by EHS will save you time and money and help you get it right.

EHS happily announces the arrival of DRAATT and NarrativePRO. Watch a short video showing ease of use, user-friendly, capabilities DRAATT and NarrativePRO bring.

Integrate DRAATT today, by speaking with our of our product specialist.