EMS Healthcare Solutions is not only a provider of clinical products and solutions, we're also in partnership with other providers to the EMS industry. We're in partnership with Binder Lift, NAAC, iPCR, and LifeBot.

LifeBot is advanced Telemedicine with Continuity of Care™. LifeBot provides exclusive patented EMS and Military developed telemedicine and resuscitation solutions. To learn more about LifeBot click here.

Binder Lift is an unique torso wrap designed to enable caregivers to team lift patients using the proper lifting ergonomics. Watch a short video of how Binder Lift supports your patients.

NAAC “National Academy of Ambulance Compliance” utilizes the PWW Laws’ (Page, Wolfberg & Wirth) proprietary format “DRAATT.” NAAC represents the industry’s “Gold Standard of Excellence” in compliance, ethics and integrity in all facets of ambulance compliance.

iPCR allows providers to complete their NEMSIS data and Narrative too using NarrativePRO by EHS.

***Coming soon Computime, Inc. Computime is the leading provider for eSignature and touch monitor technology.

For more information on Binderlift and its capabilities.

Learn more about DRAAT and NAAC and proprietary formatting.

Explore Computime and their many products.

Find out more about iPCR and NarrativePRO's integration.

Find out why why LifeBot is the right choice for your organization.


If you are interested in one or more of our products, or joining forces through partnership, contact us today!