Efficient and Preventative Medicine

Telemedicine is the most efficient first responders tool used to manage preventive medicine, better triage, and facilitate the best post-operative care given by medical providers in community medicine.

Telemedicine connects patients and doctors through phone calls, mobile apps, videoconferencing, with the hopes of making an appointment with a trusted, board-certified doctor is as easy as clicking a button.

After an emergency room visit Telemedicine will provide patient care in the comforts of their homes. Ultimately, reducing emergency room visits and ambulance transfers.

Benefits of Telemedicine

  • Delivers faster, more efficient emergency care to patients
  • Ensures entire medical team is on the same page at every step
  • Allows EMT’s and Paramedics to better diagnose and stabilize patients
  • Reduces impact on over-crowded emergency rooms
  • Lowers costs for Ambulance companies, Fire Departments, and Hospitals
  • Decreases the Over-utilization of Emergency Departments Visits and Hospital Re-admissions
  • Strengthens the Health Care Delivery System for noncompliant patients
  • Decrease Non-Emergency -911 Calls and Ambulance Transports
  • Better EMS resource utilization and decrease healthcare costs

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